My name is Danny Warner I'm a flatlander from Sterling Heights. I decided to make this page because I wanted to help all of you Michigan flatlanders speak your mind and show the world what your all about. You can do this by sending me some e-mail at FLTDAN214@aol.com if you send a pic I'll post it as soon as possible. I'm going to try my best to post upcoming contests, contest results, information about some of the best local riders, and links to other flatland pages. I know this sight sucks but with your help it will grow and become much better. So your help would be greatly appreciated send me all the bull shit you want to and I'll do my best to get it on the sight.


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Local   Flatlanders

I don't know to many of the local flatlanders around Michigan. I spend most of my time riding alone. But I'll try my best to tell you about some of the locals. I think that my favorite local rider would have to be a kid by the name of Aaron who I had the pleasure of meeting awhile back at Central Sk8 Park. When I met Aaron I was terrible, now after alot of practice I have worked my way up to entering expert flatland. Aaron probably still thinks I suck. Aaron has all the tricks he flows on front wheel as well as back wheel. He's by far the best local I know. I'm hoping to get back in touch with him and when I do you can expect to see his pictures on this site. If your a local rider who wants to get some props send me a pictue or just some e-mail of yourself. Contact me at FLTDAN214@aol.com


When I was down at PIT Sk8 Park I saw some great riding. I went down their not entending to enter but with some moral support from Joe Miller and Andy Cooper, I felt confident enough to enter. Since this was my first contest I decided to enter amature. I had an OK run good enough for me to get a 1st place finish. I had fun but I wish I would have entered expert because amature was no challenge to me. The expert class was great. Joe Miller took 1st with all kind of craziness. Doing tricks like turbined deathtrucks, turbined cliff-hangers, and long links on both the front and rear wheel. It was close between Andy Cooper and Seth Johnson in the pro class. But in the end Andy won. He did turbined hitchhikers, spastic backpackers, deathtrucks, and some of the the longest hangnothings I've ever seen. Seth was riding great during practice. But it all fell apart in his run. He still managed to pull of a double undertaker, a tomahawk on the pedal to elephant glide to elephant spin so cross footed McCircles, and it gets even more complicated with this guy.

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